"Redesign is ideal for anyone. Whether you are looking to sell your home or would like to create a beautiful space with a comfortable lifestyle, we are here to help"

Tami L Nesvik - Owner/Designer


Redesigning your home maximizes your space and your budget. Rather than purchasing all new furniture and décor, we can rearrange and edit what you have to create a tailored living space that is open and inviting.

  • We will arrange furniture, create focal points in each room and enhance traffic flow throughout the house
  • I will bring in some staging accessories in order to give you a visual shopping list and get higher impact photos
  • We will work for up to 7 hours in the home, as well as photograph the transformations as we go

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
(Up to seven hours in the home with any additional hours reverting to a hourly rate)

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